I conceived these packages as life experiences.

Select that one that suits you the most.

now close your eyes:

How do you see yourself at the end of this journey?

1 / individuals

This is the perfect program if you are looking for a customised path where you and I can work together towards your fulfilment.


8 sessions + 2 follow-up meetings

Coaching tools, meditation and breathing techniques, with an empathetic and gentle approach.

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2 / groups

A common goal, a group of people, a lot of fun: this is the perfect path if you want to share your emotions in a safe and supportive group.


8 sessions + 2 follow-up meetings

 Coaching tools, meditation, breathing techniques and much more!

Empathetic and gentle approach, powerful questions, great books. 

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Let's Work Together

You are passionate about personal development, human mind, meditation and you want to create something together? Contact me!

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