“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C.G. Jung

Imagine you want to lose weight: would you rather call a nutritionist or a fitness trainer? If your answer is "both", you should read this post.

If the choice between a coach and a therapist is causing you anxiety, maybe you should decide...not to choose!

Let's revise the main differences...

You go to a therapist when you feel the need to heal from something. It can happen after a traumatic event (a loss, a separation) or if you are struggling with your emotions (depression, panick attacks, etc etc). Therapy can focus on your past or on symptomps you have in the present moment (i.e. stress, sadness, fear). A therapist can be a psychologist or a psychiatrist specialised in psycotherapy. Therapy is a long healing journey, it requires patience, selfcare and engagement.

You go to a coach when you want to advance in one or more areas of your life. The coaching journey starts in the present moment and it develops towards a better and more fulfilling future. A coach does not need a formal recognition, although it is strongly recommended to follow a training and, if possible, to get a certification internationally recognised, like the ACC credential I received from the International Coaching Federation. The coach is a question artist: with a set of powerful questions, he/she supports the client to change his/her life's perspective. The coach will not give any advice or recommendation, but he/she will partner with the client for his/her own growth.

While coaching and therapy have commons aspects (theoretical background, an approach characterised by openness, curiosity and empathy), they also have significant differences (the training path is different, the attitude with the client, the methodology, the duration of the journey).

What I would recommend? Of course both of them!

The ultimate goal of coaching and therapy is to support the individual to increase his/her self awareness. To know his/her strenghts and to use them to feel better. Why would you want to choose?

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