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I am a life coach with a passion for human mind,  nature and quality moments.

I am a self explorer and I like to notice what happens inside myself, physically and emotionally.

I love hikings, meditation, books and food and wine.

I was born in a small village close to Mantova, in the North of Italy.

As my family hosted kids from Belarus, I developed an interest for other cultures. This is why at high school I studied foreign languages: I wanted to communicate with people from different countries.

When I was 17, I lived in Canada for three months as exchange student with Intercultura-AFS. This experience opened my mind and strenghtened my passion for multicultural societies

I studied International Relations as i wanted to understand the world outside.

At university I lived in Germany for one year as Erasmus student and I had a first experience with self exploration thanks to a course on efficient communication. I graduated in 2014 and after an intership in the publishing sector in Italy, I moved to Brussels, where I entered the European bubble.

My mission was to find my dream job.

I spent 5 beautiful years in the capital of Europe, where I worked in two European Institutions and one NGO. I wrote as a freelance journalist for a European online magazine and I worked as bartender between one job and another.

One day I attended a training and I met the person that changed my life: a coach. That was my call!

I was trained in two of the best coaching schools in Brussels : Leading and Coaching Academy and Nova Terra Training and Corporate Development. I completed 100+ hours of coaching practice, I passed the Coach Knowledge Assessment and I received my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. 

In september 2021 I moved back to Italy and I launched my coaching business.

I accompany people to find self realization thanks to a satisfying working life.