My vision

I want to live in a world where individuals have a high level of self awareness and interact with each other with respect and openness 

My mission

I want to accompany people along the bridge of their life transitions.

My values

Trust, mutual respect, reciprocity, uniqueness, sharing, multiculturalism, openness, love, compassion, acceptance.

Who I Help

Individuals living/lived:

- career changes;

- expatriation/repatriation/relocation

- separation/grief

- pregnancy/menopause/illness

- end of university/working life


How I Do It

I ask powerful questions. I listen with empathy and compassion. I propose mindfulness practices to bring the attention on the present moment and contact the breath. I guide clients to engage in an action plan that will bring them one step further in their lives.

What's in It for You

Free introductory session

Different plans

Group or 1:1 sessions

Online/in person sessions

Sessions in English, Italiano or Français